Griffo Distillery

Releasing a crisp, complex gin in late fall of 2014 and a rye and bourbon in 2015/2016.

We take immense pride in the products we have crafted. Hand distilled and bottled in house. Locally sourced and locally based in beautiful Petaluma, CA, in the heart of Sonoma County.

All spirits are distilled in our 240 gallon American made copper pot still. We make booze just the way we like it. We hope you like it, too.


We want to showcase the beauty and bounty of Sonoma County in every step of the whiskey making process.
— Michael Griffo (Distiller, Co-Founder)
Photograph courtesy of Michael Woolsey

Photograph courtesy of Michael Woolsey

Stony Point Whiskey

Great spirits come from great ingredients. We mill organic corn and rye directly into our kettle and keep the grains in through distillation. This crafts a soft and nutty, corn palate with a spicy rye finish. We then age the whiskey in local barrels with both American and French oak to tune the curve and balance the spirit. 

"Stony Point stands out from many new, young whiskeys. This whiskey is fresh and grain-forward, with its corn and cereal notes allowed to shine but that lovely rye spice coming through on the finish.” -Virginia Miller (The Perfect Spot), SF Bay Area food and drink writer/editor.

Additional Limited Release Whiskeys available at our Tasting Bar in Petaluma, CA. 


Our bourbon and rye are 100% grain-to-glass. Quality, freshness and locality are at the forefront of our minds as we craft our whiskey.

We distill and age our bourbon and rye whiskeys in our bonded rickhouse in brand new, locally coopered, charred barrels.

We hand-select our grains from the best local farmers and hand-mill them on site.

All whiskey is distilled through our 250-gallon, custom-made copper pot still named Betty.

Every single drop of water that is used in our process is collected and given to local farmers. We love our community!

Griffo Distillery - 1320 Scott St, Suite A. Petaluma, CA 94954 - 707.879.8755 - info(at) - Bonded Distillery # DSP-CA-20051