Griffo Distillery

Releasing a crisp, complex gin in late fall of 2014 and a rye and bourbon in 2015/2016.

We take immense pride in the products we have crafted. Hand distilled and bottled in house. Locally sourced and locally based in beautiful Petaluma, CA, in the heart of Sonoma County.

All spirits are distilled in our 240 gallon American made copper pot still. We make booze just the way we like it. We hope you like it, too.



Michael Griffo, Distiller, Co-Founder

"You can't drink nanoparticles!" Michael realized one day as he was slugging away in the lab. He was halfway through getting his PhD in physics.

So, he began distilling nanoparticles by day and ethyl-alcohol by night. He tracked down any distillery he could find, hanging out with professional distillers, learning from them, drinking with them, and seeing how it is done. After completing his PhD and a post-doc, Michael is now thrilled to be taking the reins as distiller at Griffo Distillery.

Michael takes great pride in the craft he has honed and continues to develop. His approach relies heavily on the knowledge and discoveries of countless incredible distillers that have paved the way. However, Michael applies his own unique touch, from the balance he strikes in Griffo Bourbon to distilling through analysis and fabrication of his own innovative still controls -- controls that bring out the botanical flavors in Griffo Gin.

Jenny Griffo, Director of Fun, Co-Founder

As the Director of Fun, Jenny oversees the Griffo brand and, well, all things fun. Griffo Distillery's motto - "love what you do and do what you love" - is at the core of this.  

Jenny is your point of contact if you want to come and visit. Jenny also oversees all sales to bars, restaurants and retailers.


Gauge Griffo, Distillery Dog

Gauge Griffo, Distillery Dog

As a 12-year-old retired dog, Gauge has earned his stripes as resident Distillery Dog. In his younger days he was known to pick the steepest line down the mountain on his numerous Mt. Shasta summits and catch the biggest waves surfing in Santa Cruz (no joke).

Update: Gauge passed on 2/3/2015. He'll always have a paw in everything we do (including his paw print in our floor)



Griffo Distillery - 1320 Scott St, Suite A. Petaluma, CA 94954 - 707.879.8755 - info(at) - Bonded Distillery # DSP-CA-20051