Griffo Distillery

Releasing a crisp, complex gin in late fall of 2014 and a rye and bourbon in 2015/2016.

We take immense pride in the products we have crafted. Hand distilled and bottled in house. Locally sourced and locally based in beautiful Petaluma, CA, in the heart of Sonoma County.

All spirits are distilled in our 240 gallon American made copper pot still. We make booze just the way we like it. We hope you like it, too.


Griffo Distillery prides itself on partnering to make spirits beautifully suited for each person or company's needs. Whiskey? Vodka? Grappa? Brandy?

Or do you have a unique idea and you need a competent team to help you develop it and bring it to full production?


Make the most out of your first press, second press or lees this year!

Griffo Distillery is a family owned, award-winning distiller in Petaluma offering services for custom distillation projects of all sizes. Whatever spirit manufacturing idea you may have, Griffo can help you from concept to bottle.

 Our services include:

  • Distillations: Brandy, Grappa & More
  • Fermentation, Maceration & Infustions
  • Professional Bottling
  • Recipe Development
  • Bonded Barrel Storage
  • Spirits Available for Blending
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Griffo Distillery - 1320 Scott St, Suite A. Petaluma, CA 94954 - 707.879.8755 - info(at) - Bonded Distillery # DSP-CA-20051